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No Roof Shingles Option


SAVE BETWEEN $200 TO $633 ON YOUR SHED! The Shed kit will have pre-framed roof panels with OSB sheathing on top.
You can install your choice of Shingles or Metal Roof over these panels.
Rancher Shed shown with no shingles option.

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List of Coupon Codes below corresponding to the Shed Sizes.

P-NS-001: No Shingle Option for 6x9 or 9x6 Shed: Less $200

P-NS-002: No Shingle Option for 6x12 or 12x6 Shed: Less $267
P-NS-003: No Shingle Option for 8x10 or 10x8 Shed: Less $280

P-NS-004: No Shingle Option for 8x12, 10x10 or 12x8 Shed: Less $333

P-NS-005: No Shingle Option for 8x16 or 16x18 Shed: Less $433

P-NS-006: No Shingle Option for 10x16, & 16x8 Shed: Less $533

P-NS-007: No Shingle Option for 8x20 & 10x16 Shed: Less $633