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No Floor Option

No Floor Option

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by opting into the No-Floor Option. This option allows you
to frame your own floor or install the walls directly onto a slab.
View the floor sizes and price savings below.

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Coupon Code Corresponding to the Shed Sizes:

P-NF-001  No Floor Option for 6x6 Size: Save $200

P-NF-002  No Floor Option for 6x9 or 9x6 Size: Save $267

P-NF-003  No Floor Option for 6x12 or 12x6 Size: Save $280

P-NF-004  No Floor Option for 8x10 or 10x8 Size: Save $333

P-NF-005  No Floor Option for 8x12 or 12x8 Size: Save $433

P-NF-006  No Floor Option for 8x16 or 16x8 or 10x12 Size: Save $533

P-NF-007  No Floor Option for 10x16 or 16x10 Size: Save $633

P-NF-008  No Floor Option for 10x20 or 20x10 Size: Save $733

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