Check with your local permit office for the regulations in your area, however structures under 100 sq.ft. do not generally require building permits. If you find that you do need a permit, they are generally simple to obtain in most cases. Your local permit office will have an application form with instructions they can mail or fax you.

If you need some help with your permit application, please contact Cedarshed directly. We can provide drawings, details and/or assist you with most technical questions.

Obtaining necessary permits is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. Customers agree to hold Cedarshed Industries (1992) Inc. and any Authorized Dealers free of any liability for improper installation, maintenance and repair of any Cedarshed products. When using power tools. ladders or any other tool, observe all safety precautions recommended by the tool manufacturer. Always use appropriate safety equipment, including eye protection. It is the customer's responsibility to obtain any building permits.

All Gazebos are constructed of 100% Western Red Cedar. All framing components are a nominal 2" x 4" size. Wall posts consist of 2 - 2" x 4" fastened together. And all Sheds have 100% Western Red Cedar exteriors.

As a proud owner of a Cedarshed gazebo, shed or outdoor furnishing, we want you to safely enjoy it for many, many years. Our products are built for use based on proper installation and normal residential use, on level ground. Please follow the instruction manual when building the gazebo, shed or outdoor furnishing, and retain the manual for future maintenance purposes.

Some of the safety and usage measures you may wish to consider include:

1. Snow load ratings vary by geographical location. If heavy or wet snowfall occurs, it is advisable to sweep the snow off the roof(s).

2. If the product is elevated, any structural and building code requirements are solely the customer's responsibility, and should be abided by.

3. In high or gusty wind conditions it is advisable not to use the structure, and it may be advisable to keep the structure securely grounded.

4. Have a regular maintenance plan to ensure screws, doors, windows and parts are tight.

5. In specific geographical regions, our products are not rated for human occupancy. Please check with local authorities if this is the intended use.

6. It is important to properly prepare the foundation to ensure the proper construction of Cedarshed products. Please review the information on our web site regarding foundations or, alternatively, consult with a local professional with knowledge on this matter.

Local conditions, personal construction abilities, and other factors may affect the construction of any products, so it is possible that your experience may differ from those presented on this web site.