Site Preparation


Before you receive your Cedarshed product, we recommend that you spend some time planning and clearing your construction site.

Start by deciding where exactly you’re going to position the structure in your yard. Please review size specification for model to determine actual size. For example, our 8'x10' Rancher model is actually 93” wide x 120 5/8” long. Remember, it is your responsibility to check with your local municipal/county for permit requirements.

After determining your location, clear your construction area. Remove all debris, roots, grass and any large rocks.

It is important that your chosen site have good drainage and is on solid ground. If not, we recommend that you slope your location 10' in all directions. A slope of 1/8 inch per foot is enough to prevent water accumulation.

Also make sure that the when the product is assembled that no doors and windows will be obstructed. If you are planning on positioning the model against a fence or a wall, leave enough room for you to comfortably install the walls and roof. (approximately 2-3 feet).

We'd be happy to help if you need more information, simply contact us here.