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Barbecue under cover! The Cedarshed Cookhouse is perfect for barbecuing or as an outdoor kitchen shed. The porch offers coverage in all weather and is also great storage shelter for your BBQ.

The 7' high interior walls give you lots of headroom and the 4' wide Ridge Porch makes a great place to BBQ outside. Cookhouse kits are easy to assemble and require no cutting. *Image shown has 2 optional slide down windows.

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BBQ Shed Features:
• Available in 3 sizes - 12'x10', 16' x 12 and 16' x 14'
• 100% Western Red Cedar exterior finishing
• 7ft High pre-built wall panels
• Includes a Dutch Door
• Includes cedar shingled roof panels
• Includes a 4' deep Ridge Porch
• Includes an Enclosed Gable Porch
• Plywood floor with 2x4 cedar floor joist
• 2 Fixed windows
• Decorative shutters & planter box
 No cutting required
• All the required assembly hardware Included

Customize Your Cookhouse!
• Ask us how to save on the Custom Roof Option
Add optional slide down windows
• Save $200 or more on Options - View all

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Essential Information for the Cookhouse:
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